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Gary Markette's Home Page

Hello. My name is Gary Markette, and it isn't easy to write anything when every time you open your window a crowd of pixies, fairies, angels, dragons and other denizens of The Seven Counties come piling in to make sure they're represented in your stories. You see, I live -- well, mentally, sort of -- in a place called The Seven Counties, near the capital, a town called Treegreen. It's an interesting place to be, what with all the pixies, dragons, etc.....but not too easy a place to get your work done. However, I finally managed to get some of the stories of this rambunctious bunch into a book called Tales From The Seven Counties. It's sort of an all-ages book - you can read it to your kids...and they'll explain it to you. Have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Tales From The Seven Counties, an electronic book readable in any PC computer, is available at Whortleberry Press. The price is $5.99 plus $1 postage. Check or money order MUST be made out to Jean Goldstrom, Whortleberry Press, Box 771, Melrose FL 32666. For further information write Whortleberry Press.

So what is all this about those wonderful, magical Seven Counties? Judge for yourself. Read the first two stories, free, just by clicking here.

Some Of Our Favorite Links Okay, this has to be one of my favorites. It's a science-fiction, fantasy and horror e-zine. And I really love it. Why? Well, because I'm the editor, that's why. Any other questions?
Whortleberry Press. This publisher is another of my big faves. Bet you can guess this one. Because they published my book? Right!